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H.-G. app: Bruce by TenshiAdes H.-G. app: Bruce by TenshiAdes
Asdgldsjajwd g-guysss look at this awesome group :iconsparklesplz::iconhayami-gakuen::iconsparklesplz: 
I couldn't help myself and make immediately a application for it--- :iconlazyblush2plz:
S-sorry my sweeties-- gonna reply to your lovely messages and notes right away~! :iconlazypoolplz: //laysdown

H-hope you like my boy~<33 :iconleeblushplz: //hopefullyIgetit;;

Edit: Amg- I made it~! Yay! FEEL FREE TO RP WITH MY dumpy SON :icondokisplz: Heneedsfriendsplz;;

Edit 2 Added a proper discription for his personality-- 'cause I needed one for myself;; Next thing shall be his history~! 

Name: Eastwood, Bruce
Nickname: Woody, Bro, Ruce
Age: 17
Nationality: British (Wales)
Height: 179cm
Weight: 80kg
Birthday: 1st January

Year: second
Swim Style: Butterfly
Level: novice

+ kind
+ calm (more than less)
+ confident
+ playful

-too serious 
-unhonest (at times)
-naggy (if he is upset;; )
- a bit lazy (with his studies--)
- (can be) stubborn

At first glance Bruce will appear as a kind and rather calm mate. He isn't that cheerful and showes much high spirits durring the day but in competions he can also go all crazy while cheering for his team mates. Don't missunderstand his more collected act as unmotivation or non confidence since Bruce is pretty confident about himself and his skills. Years of training till now weren't just for fun after all. This guy, despite he is very polite and tries his best to be not such a burden, he can be quite playful. Flirtying out of fun here and there, getting a little touchy after being closer to each other and more. Secrets are save with him, though. 

However, Bruce might be a bit too seriouse- jokes or ironic he can take for real and get upset or sad. If something is important to him he can't handle if other people doesn't notice his graveness in this. He can lie too, which is normal. To seem more appealing or to not make someone sad or angry. The usal. He hates waiting for things or people so it's a huge suprise if this guy waited for you after a whole 10 minutes (wow-). Yeah, he is the naggy kind if he is upset. In this case he can be as worse as a carring mother. His lazyness he can't be helped. Studying is no fun at all and exhausting in a other way then swimming. Other than being lazy with his studies, he might be with getting up, doing something after being so bored and finding himself to tired to move- (a vicious circle pfft-). Once making him care for you, he can be very stubborn. Also if he really desires something or someone (like his future lover) he won't even think up of giving up after his first attempt. A silly and fussy guy, I guess (?). 

History: TBA 

:bulletblue: swimming :iconsparklezplz:
:bulletblue: winning in competions and become better
:bulletblue: practicing in relays 
:bulletblue: taking walks 
:bulletblue: gazing at the sky
:bulletblue: video games (all kinds)
:bulletblue: self cooked meals
:bulletblue: hugs and cuddles :iconuhuhuhuplz:
:bulletblue: All sorts of tea (ice tea is his fave, though)
:bulletblue: fast food-- (but tries his best to restrain himself;; )
:bulletblue: Guys with glasses~ (meganes plz )
:bulletblue: doodling or drawing cute things
:bulletblue: reading comics

:bulletblack: walking alone in the darkness
:bulletblack: horror movies
:bulletblack: bugs and spiders
:bulletblack: losing
:bulletblack: rude people
:bulletblack: feeling guilty
:bulletblack: studying

Additional Information:
-first started swimming free style but than changed to butterfly
-aims to be one of the best butterfly swimmers or atleast win the regionals for his friend;
-His old buddy got his leg badly hurted as he saved Bruce's life 
- only has freckles on his face
- Trains in the outdoor pool even if it rains- (although he mostly ends up sick)
-he would love someone to make him lunches ~ <3 ((but chances look bad pfft-))
-rolls around and gets grabby while sleeping 
-adores getting called "Senpai" or "Nii-chan"
-When sad, he tends to go to the pool, float around while staring in the sky to think and calm down.
-:new: Spirit animal is sea lion
-:new: plays guitar-- (learned it from his dad with 10 years old) [
-:new: Has piercing since he's 13 but usally wears them in his free time~ (to not have a bad impression on really strict teacher in school) 

Contact information: Notes or comments (on each other's profile )(skype only rare and after knowing each other better;; )
Preferred method of RPing: Lit or script?  both is fine <33 Usally take what my rp partner wants >3<


Sketch & colouring: 07.08.14
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BubblesXBoomer111 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Student
OMG what a bae!

I would love to rp with him if you want ^^
TenshiAdes Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Ashlsksa amg- s-sURE :iconblushuplz:

J-just send me a-a note whenever you want~<33
BubblesXBoomer111 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Student
Ok ^^ he's to hot for his own good XD
Artist-Chi Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
because i never expressed my love for Bruce in particular hnn

:iconasdfghbeeplz: hnn he's such a bae and he hurts my soul with his muscules and freckles and and-- //stealsbrothersinhalerbecausehetookmybreathaway

snorts was that 'liking meganes' thing always there :iconheplz:

He's just so great-- he can be my senpai anytime :iconflirtywinkplz:

TenshiAdes Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
Asdgljfdjagkd oh my beloved-- y-you don't need too- :icongyaa2plz:

Uwah- D-don't say that;; he's just a loser plz;; :iconfree15plz: Bruce gets all flattered- ahaha

Wha-? O-ofcourse it was~~ :iconleeblushplz:

Hnng- he would so love to be your senpai ~ :iconsexywinkplz:

bye, b-bye~ 
Artist-Chi Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes i do i need to
Keeping it bottled up inside is bad for my feels :iconyuinodplz:

If he's a loser he's the cutest and hottest one i know :iconnbplz: Going to flatter him in as many ways as possible because he deserves it.

:iconheplz: hnn okay

He would love to be everyones senpai Sebastian'ssenpaiplz

I will come back to give you the wedding invitation
When i am of age //hit
TenshiAdes Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
keeping your feels inside of you all bottled up is not- wait... W-WHAT-? Y-you have feels for that idiot of mine? :iconblushu2plz: //don't--hedoesn'tdeservethem;;

H-huh-? :iconmoeblushplz: honey-bunny-princess-sama likes... l-losers? 'Cause this boy is one HUGE one ;; 
h-he doesn't- //sLAPPED

Getting called senpai is his wreid tick :iconpapmingplz: //kICKEDSOHARD

oh- I would love that, thankies~
ahaha you're still so young //pats your head tenderly
b-but don't worry- Bruce will wait for you till he finally has you all to himself~~ :iconringrinplz: //kILLED
TheLostArts Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Teeeeeenshi- you've outdone yourself yet again!!~ //swoons// I swear, you and your handsome boys are going to be the death of me. :iconuhuhuhuplz:
In both looks and personality, Bruce here is such a loveable cutie! *A* Not to mention he's a swimmer- //swooningoverthefactthatthegroupisFree!insprired
I'm in love with the way his hair is styled, and those freckles on his face somehow make him even more adorable- :icondokisplz:
I really look forward to seeing more of this boy because, wow, he's too cute not to be showered with lots of love and affection. <3
TenshiAdes Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
Oh my angelic Onee-sama- :icongyaa2plz: Ahhh y-your comments always bright my day //treasures them 
N-no- //clings  to you :iconmioclingplz:
n-no dying here;; M-My boys aren't even worth that :iconnanakosobplz:
B-bruce receiving so much love from someone- especially YOU- I bet he is super happy now :iconblushu2plz: 

T-thank you so very much, bby- :iconallmytearsplz:
I-I think I messed up with him to be honest ;; //hides face

Y-you're really the SWEETEST :iconsupertighthugplz: Y-you're always so lovely to my dumpy sons- especially to this fugly one //sOBS
I-I'll try to draw him more--
t-thank you so much for all your heartwarming and supporting words <333 :iconkissforeheadplz:
WestwardGeranimo Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

He's so beautifulllllllaahshdsjbdkfbcakf
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